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Specialist Drama program Prep for 2023 Yr7 Entry

IntotheMask Theatre and Education – Specialist Drama program Prep for 2023 Yr7 Entry

Preparing for an audition is easy when you can draw on some really easy steps under pressure. We aim to build courageous kids that feel confident in a high intensity situation, equipping them with the right skills and knowledge. Most importantly giving them the freedom to play and express creatively- there are no right or wrongs with PLAY.

For many years we have guided students to feel success at their
With her extensive knowledge and elite qualifications (Master of Arts & Bachelor of Performing Arts) from WAAPA Hermione Gehle will carefully curate a calm and pragmatic approach.
She will aim to remove the overwhelm, help break down a group audition process, help students to be able look at a script spontaneously (cold read) and prepare them for the next stages of monologue and character preparation.

Timetable — Into the Mask Theatre & Education

Contact: Alee

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