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Pop Up Fitness Fundraiser

Pop Up Fitness Fundraiser — Break the silence. Help stop violence against women!

Oh Là Là Mummy are helping draw the line with a Pop Up Fitness Fundraiser.

Violence against women is at epidemic proportions. Devastatingly, over 12 months, on average, one woman is killed every week in Australia as a result of intimate partner violence.

Domestic violence encompasses financial, verbal, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual abuse, as well as workplace harassment, and sometimes even the loss of a life at the end of this broad spectrum of violence.

We are holding this event to help break the silence around violence, to raise awareness of the issue as well as funds to support work to bring violence against women to an end.

Metafit 30 minute high intensity fitness class, Tuesday 8 March 6pm, Kadidjiny Park Hall, 70-72 Kitchener Road, Melville.

For more information or to register for the session email emma@ohlalamummy.com.au

Contact: Emma

Mobile: 0408 339 457

Website: ohlalamummy.com.au