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Enn-Vibe ‘Sound and Light Show’

Enn-Vibe ‘Sound and Light Show’ — Are you seeking? Calmness – Happiness – Motivation – Well-being

Come to our creative well-being strategy workshops to find relief.

The program features researched practices – the use of Enneadic vibrations, brain entrainment to calmer brainwave patterns, colour therapy, and neurolinguistic motivation, as well as easy physical exercises.

This holistic wellbeing program is delivered as a interactive ‘Sound and Light Show’.

Kadidjiny Park Hall, 70-72 Kitchener Road, Melville, starting Saturday 5 March 2016 from 7pm-9pm.

We invite all our friends and those who have previously attended one of our OLEM research workshops to experience the new program, free of charge, at rehearsals on Saturday 13 and 20 Feb. 2016, 7pm to 9pm.

Contact: Josef

Mobile: 0409 105 855

Website: enn-vibe.com.au