Kadidjiny Park Hallkididjiny park hall

Gathering the Community

Kadidjiny Park Hall is a community hall in Melville,
Western Australia, offering a range of services and
opportunities to local residents.

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Kadidjiny Hall – the hub of our community

The Kadidjiny Park Hall is a not for profit community facility. Located in the inner city suburb of Melville, Western Australia.

Our aim is to create for the community a safe place in which people of all cultures, ages and abilities can meet, learn, play and have fun together. The Kadidjiny Hall provides a great place for a diverse range of weekly activities, special events, opportunities for networking and community building. We provide a place where people feel they belong, can meet and bring friends, contribute to their community, learn and share.

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Kadidjiny Park

Kadidjiny Park


march, 2021

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